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Who has never asked themselves the question of whether to put cold or heat on pain? how do stretch a certain muscle? how do let go?

“Better understanding to act better” is my motto.

It is with the aim of transmitting and sharing knowledge that I have created the health workshops for you.

A special moment during which, in a small group, I help you understand and effectively use the essential techniques and issues related to the human body (physiotherapy), and to personal development (self-hypnosis).

They consist of a theoretical part to lay the foundations and a practical part that allows you to test and master the techniques in question.



  • Tuesdays 18h45



  • Group lessons, CHF 30.-

  • Subscription for 12 sessions at CHF 320.-


Your host

Every day gives us the opportunity to develop; according to the seasons, experiences, encounters, and inspirations.

My philosophy of life is found in the freedom to feel good in your body (physics), your heart (emotions), and in your head (thoughts). A balance in perpetual imbalance. The movement of life. For me, life is the greatest gift you can receive, and love is the greatest gift you can give.     076/499.49.13

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