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General physiotherapy


The different stages of physiotherapy treatment:


  • examination of the patient, the establishment of a physiotherapeutic diagnosis

  • the objectives of the treatment

  • planning

  • intervention and monitoring of results

First, the physiotherapist listens attentively to the patient describing the history of his illness (history). Then he examines it using specific tests and measurements (physical assessment).


The history and physical assessment constitute the examination of the patient. Based on the results of the examination, the physiotherapist establishes a physiotherapeutic diagnosis. He sets the treatment goals jointly with the patient (and possibly with relatives or other caregivers) and then plans the treatment.


Access Physio also offers a home service if this has been requested by the attending physician. We also offer pediatric and sports physiotherapy, as well as prevention services such as ergonomics, back training, and abdominal gymnastics.

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