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Do you want to improve your well-being and increase your mobility?

  • Do you have a stiff neck and back?

  • Are you stressed and want restful sleep?

  • Do you want to be more efficient and effective in your sporting and artistic activities?

  • Do you want to improve your body awareness and gain ease in your daily movements?

  • Are you naturally curious and want to learn new relaxation methods and increase your self-image?


Mosche Feldenkrais 1904-1984


This physicist, originally from Belarus, studied the relationships between movement, perception, thought, sensation, and emotion. Armed with knowledge of this interaction, he developed a method based on the natural capacity of the human nervous system.


With the FELDENKRAIS METHOD, you learn to perceive your usual gestures and movements and to eliminate your tensions. The result is that your daily actions become more efficient. Through simple movements, new alternatives result.

The fields of application of the FELDENKRAIS METHOD are varied: work, profession, school, sport, and art. The FELDENKRAIS METHOD allows you to feel lighter, more stable, and more balanced. Your well-being is strengthened.


Awareness through movement

Thanks to these group lessons, you learn easy and light movements that refine your perception and develop new possibilities.


Functional integration

These individual lessons meet each person's personal needs. Through a precise touch from the teacher Feldenkrais, you learn to release your tensions and refine your perception.


Course dates:


On a Thursday. Please call 079/245.82.60 to register.


Note: you can start the course at any time



  • 7-8 p.m.



  • Group lessons (60 min): CHF 30.-

  • Individual lesson (60 min): CHF 130.-

For health insurance companies, the Feldenkrais method is part of complementary medicine. Most health insurance companies cover part of the costs for policyholders with supplementary insurance.


  • Tél : 079/245.82.60

Votre enseignante
Martin Baumann.jpg
Martine Baumann

After my physiotherapy studies, I worked for many years as head of the rehabilitation department at the CHUV in Lausanne.

I have always been interested in human development in its surroundings and context. Through my training as a FELDENKRAIS practitioner in Paris (1990-1995), I was particularly interested in functional gestures in their globality, their effectiveness and their ease.

Numerous postgraduate courses on the FELEDENKRAIS METHOD and other methods with a bodily approach (bioenergy, NLP) complete my knowledge. Since 1999 I have practiced privately.

Tél : 079/245.82.60

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