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LPG Huber Evolution 360

The technological capabilities of the HUBER 360® EVOLUTION make it possible to treat more than 90% of classic pathologies. Its use presents considerable advantages particularly for the treatment of pathologies of the ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, back and neurological pathologies.


Areas of use:

Equipped with a motorized platform of force sensors in the plate and the handles, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION offers global and fun functional rehabilitation by breaking down the patient's journey around the 4 fundamentals of movement:

    Specific exercises allow you to quickly gain a range of movement. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION mobilizes joints safely and quickly relieves pain.

    On-screen feedback intelligently improves strength and better coordinates movements. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION strengthens both superficial and deep muscles.

    Balance games help you regain balance and security in your movements. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION corrects posture and improves stability.

    Dynamic exercises, adapted to physical condition, increase the ability to endure fatigue. HUBER 360® EVOLUTION modifies BMI and improves the cardiovascular system.

​The goal? Maintain the indicated position using the targets that appear on the screen while compensating for imbalances in the oscillating platform. Working in a standing position, similar to everyday work, rebalances the entire body in complete safety.

Thanks to the integrated functional assessment composed of 7 reference tests, the physiotherapist very precisely assesses the state of health of his patient and defines the objectives to be implemented. He can follow his progress session after session.

By requiring both physical and cognitive abilities, this patented technology provides comprehensive support to quickly regain independence.

​Practical aspects:

  • Number of sessions: according to medical prescription.

  • Duration of the session: 30 to 60 minutes.

  • Things to bring: none.

  • Prices: covered by Lamal if the patient has a prescription (price identical to that of a traditional physiotherapy session)


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