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Coaching - Physical preparation


One of the specializations of our office is physical preparation


To do this, we assess the physical capabilities of each person, whether athletic or not. We carry out tests of flexibility, strength, endurance, and measurement of body mass (body mass index: percentage of fat, bones, muscles, etc.). Depending on the results, we put in place advice, programs and monitoring of training and/or resumption of physical or sporting activity.


Sports massage: a restorative and recuperative massage


Sports massage is a specific form of massage applied to the field of sport.


Our different sports massage techniques are:

  • frictions, kneading, percussions, and effleurages which allow better recovery.

  • manual or mechanical mobilizations (infrared, electrostimulation, etc.) carried out methodically on the body. These mobilizations have the effect of reharmonizing the tissues or segments of the limbs for therapeutic purposes.


Before exercise, massage contributes to the performance and fitness of the athlete or sportsman. It allows him to be operational more quickly, avoid injuries, and reduce stress. It involves stimulating the muscles until a sensation of heat is produced; blood circulation is then accelerated and the muscles are more alert for the effort.

During the activity, massage is very useful during breaks: it intervenes in any cramps or aches. It also allows faster energy replenishment, and elimination of waste and therefore encourages the athlete to continue the activity.

After sport, it's all about recovery and recovery. Indeed, during exercise, toxins generated by effort accumulate in the muscles. This disrupts their performance and causes greater muscle fatigue. It is therefore a question of draining and activating the intramuscular blood system. Thus, the toxins will be expelled and new blood will circulate again in the fibers.

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