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Sports physiotherapy

According to the IOC definition, sports physiotherapy is a discipline that is an integral part of sports medicine. Its growing importance in high-level, but also mass, sport is mainly linked to the demands and constraints of modern and competitive sport.


Sports physiotherapy is:
  • promoting healthy physical and sporting activity among athletes of all ages

  • knowledge of different sports and their biomechanical and psychological constraints

  • techniques for treating sports injuries and injuries

  • prevention, recovery, and lifestyle measures for the athlete

  • functional rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and return to training or competition

  • prevention and fight against doping

  • as well as scientific research in the fields of sports physiotherapy


The sports physiotherapist maintains a special bond with the athlete. They are often called upon to intervene on the front line on the field in the event of an injury. It represents the “transmission belt” between the sports doctor, the coach, and the athlete. Often, they become the athlete's confidant and echo their doubts, fears, hopes, joys or disappointments.

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