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Manual therapies



Osteopathy is a philosophy of manual medicine taking into account the bio-psycho-social state of the patient. Its goal is to find the primary cause of a dysfunction and treat it through manual therapy, and physical and dietary advice. It seeks to make the connection between structures and organs to optimize the proper functioning of the body.


Sports massage

Sports massage is a specific form of massage applied to the field of sport. Our different sports massage techniques are:


  • frictions, kneading, percussions, and effleurages which allow better recovery.

  • manual or mechanical mobilizations (infrared, electrostimulation, etc.) carried out methodically on the body. These mobilizations have the effect of reharmonizing the tissues or segments of the limbs for therapeutic purposes.

Massage relaxant

It generally allows a person to relax, relieve tension, and reconcile with their body and mind.

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