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LPG Cell M6

​Medical Endermologie® (provided with CELLU M6® Physio). For over 30 years, LPG Systems has been developing medical devices to treat connective tissue in a natural and non-aggressive manner for therapeutic and aesthetic purposes.


Area of ​​use:

  • Global lymphatic drainage

  • Breast cancer (post-surgery)

  • Recent or old scars

  • Sports therapy (post-surgery and relief of muscle tension)


Finding your femininity and active life after breast cancer.

When it comes to breast cancer, prevention, research, and treatments are regularly making enormous progress. However, the management of the aftermath of surgery is still little considered: it is however the time for physical and psychological reconstruction, the success of which is fundamental to regaining one's femininity and an active life. The role of the physiotherapist is essential in this stage, allowing women to gradually reclaim their bodies.


Supported by a scientific research committee (Co.S.I.Re) within which a working group is dedicated to oncology, LPG invests daily alongside physiotherapists for the well-being of women affected by this scourge.

  • Allows better healing by optimizing microcirculation

  • Relieves lymphedema thanks to a draining action 3 times faster than manual drainage

  • Minimizes painful phenomena linked to the scar

  • Intervenes on fibrosis problems linked to radiotherapy

  • Prevents the appearance of adhesions and shells during prosthesis installation

  • Promotes the recovery of mobility of the upper limb

  • Reduces the inflammatory state

Practical aspects:

  • The first session is dedicated to the assessment and will define the place of Endermologie within the treatment.

  • Number of sessions: according to medical prescription.

  • Duration of the session: 30 to 45 minutes.

  • Things to bring: none.

  • Prices: covered by Lamal if the patient has a prescription (price identical to that of a traditional physiotherapy session)


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