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Acupuncture consists of the insertion of very fine needles (sterile and single-use) under the skin, on specific areas, often about meridians.

As part of its use to treat pain, the ability of acupuncture to act directly on the nervous system and to intervene in cerebral modulation will promote a sedative effect and a calming aspect for all types of pain.

Its action on the mental sphere also acts on anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

The side effects of acupuncture are practically non-existent. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of acupuncture in treating a large number of diseases.

It is certified by the WHO (World Health Organization) and listed by UNESCO as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity since November 16, 2010. During its millennial use, acupuncture has evolved and different techniques have evolved. are developed.

Your therapist

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Frédéric Utiger  Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specialty:  Acupuncture / Meridian massage / Cupping

In addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine, I studied and explored the anatomy, physiology, and pathologies of the human body as well as music therapy, magnetism, massage, yoga, and different forms of meditation. This allowed me to develop an understanding of the body and to refine my sensitivity, my feelings, and my qualities of touch and presence in my care.

My work in Chinese energy acts on the 3 treasures of Chinese Medicine which are JING (Essence), QI (Energy) and SHEN (Spirit) which aim to:

  • Promote vitality to strengthen the body in order to keep it in good health for as long as possible. (Preventive action)

  • Treat physical pain and cure all kinds of illnesses. (Curative action)


- Additional information: 
- Treatment in French, Spanish, and English.
- Make an appointment at +41 76 224 86 17.
- ASCA recognized (Reimbursed by supplementary insurance).

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